I am a teaching assistant at EPFL. This is a fulfilling duty and responsibility, as the end goal is always to transmit the enthusiasm of science while keeping academic rigor.


The first edition of CS-300 Data-Intensive Systems

I am happy to be involved in the role of consulting and helping shape and design a new undergraduate course that will have a strong focus on data management and systems, where more credits being allocated to this course will allow more time to focus on the links between operating systems and data management.


The last edition of CS-322 Introduction to Database Systems,

I am the head TA for the course, and we had 270 students and led a team of 6 TAs. I am involved and helping to design the new undergraduate course with more focus on systems for the new 2024 edition.


CS-322 Introduction to Database Systems

I am the head TA for the course, assigned to create and improve the teaching materials, exams, and infrastructure for 250 students. This entails mentoring and guiding junior teaching assistants and hiring student TAs. This year, we have returned to the fully on-site teaching mode, revamped the project, and transferred the examination to Moodle to allow streamlined grading with reduced contact. We have also kept the hybrid teaching mode - by reusing and improving the previously recorded materials to allow a smoother transition to (mandated) fully in-person teaching. We have reached the milestone of 250 students this semester!


CS-322 Introduction to Database Systems

Head TA for the course, improved the online materials and continued with regular course management duties. We have surpassed the 200-student milestone! Data management is becoming more popular among the sections!

CS-119d Information, Calcul, Computation

Introduction to programming and computer science for maths and physics sections. This course is amazingly nice to teach, as it is both challenging and rewarding to find new ways to explain novel concepts in computer science to students who do not have a lot of background, focusing on good examples, practical demonstrations, and trying to motivate how their future work and studies could change (or be changed) by the computer science.


CS-322 Introduction to Database Systems

Head TA for the course transferred the whole infrastructure and materials to new online platforms and Zoom in one week, allowing seamless continuation of teaching. Despite the pandemic, the course was praised by the students for its clarity and organization, which was also reflected in the overall success of students that matched the pre-pandemic years. We had 128 students!

CS-119d Information, Calcul, Computation

CS-726 Machine Learning for Database Systems, doctoral seminar course

I have initiated and co-designed the course with Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki and Prof. Christoph Koch, inspired by the breakthroughs of ML in systems (and systems for ML). We have organized a course that revolved around reading, writing up, discussing, and presenting a selection of papers from the field to improve the overall familiarity and understanding of the topic.


CS-322 Introduction to Database Systems

First time teaching at EPFL - teaching assistant for the course!

CS-119d Information, Calcul, Computation

First time teaching at EPFL - in French and English!